This disruptive market shift is ‘the energy transition’ – and at Yurika, we understand the scale and pace required to enable these changes.

On a global scale, organisations and communities are gearing towards delivering a greener, more sustainable future by addressing the issues of climate change through cheaper, low emission energy systems and technologies.   

We’re here to support businesses and communities every step of the way. These changes are set to fundamentally transform lifestyles into the future and we’re ready for it.  

Forging new ways forward, we have galvanised new business models, developed new services and products, fast-tracked changes in our processes, developed new technologies and are ready to support customers in delivering the next era of energy, connectivity, and sustainability.  

We recognise the need to create entirely new value chains – fast; and are partnering with like-minded businesses to form a robust energy ecosystem response, innovating, and collaborating closely for best results.   

Now more than ever, we’re committed to remaining agile, mitigating risks and capturing every new opportunity along the way – we’re delivering sustainable commercial solutions that deliver social value and keep people safe. 

Connected Communities

We connect communities to improve the way people live and do business. With significant advances in energy and communications technology, the world is moving towards more connected communities 


We deliver sustainable, renewable energy solutions that support a cleaner, greener future.  The energy sector is undergoing a profound and complex transformation as the shift to renewable energy gathers momentum.  Renewable energy solutions are here now and are growing faster and more rapidly than ever before. 

Intelligent Cities

We create safe, sustainable, innovative, and more liveable city solutions. With more connected communities, cities become smarter and more intelligent.  Businesses, developers, councils, and governments continue to drive innovative and holistic city solutions as they grapple with the inflow of people and their desire to make areas more liveable and truly sustainable. 

Smart Transport

We’re going places – leading the charge in contemporary transport. While electricity forms a fundamental component of the energy transition, other sectors such as transport, heavy industry and infrastructure are also crucial in the pursuit of lower emissions to achieve a carbon negative footprint. 

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