In a decade of decarbonisation, our energy ecosystem is evolving at a rapid rate as we continually shift the ways we make, move, store and use energy. In 2020, more than 27 per cent of Australia’s energy came from clean sources with wind and rooftop solar leading the charge.

At Yurika, our aim is to make this energy transition easy for our customers. We act as a trusted partner connecting, supporting and providing professional advice and services through this industry transformation.

We’re working hard to enable greater benefit through renewable solutions and empowering our people to find new, financially sustainable solutions fit for tomorrow’s world.

In this capability statement we provide you an overview of Yurika, our vision, our purpose, our people and, our commitment to driving positive value and change for your organisation through our comprehensive, longstanding capabilities.

Our capabilities extend across Energy Solutions and Infrastructure; Energy Supplies; Metering; Telecommunications, and Digital Services. From planning and design, through to delivery, operations and ongoing maintenance; we offer integrated, customised solutions across all our service lines.

We’ve built a positive reputation and are trusted nationwide by leading organisations, government bodies and local councils, to help solve their most complex business challenges.

We look forward to working with you on your next venture and hope that together we can build a bright future, powering possibility for your business.