Telecommunications Expertise

Yurika’s telecommunications expertise spans design and construction, project management and supply and development of innovative services, to provide your business a complete telecommunications solution.

Fit-for-purpose design

Yurika works with businesses to develop tailored, fit-for-purpose telecommunications solutions. Network construction activities are designed to complete the physical end-to-end service across the network including splicing, patching, testing and commissioning of the physical service.

Fit-for-Purpose Design Capability Statement (PDF 260.5 KB)


Yurika has extensive expertise in constructing and commissioning telecommunications infrastructure, to extend existing networks or establish new networks.

Construction - Telecommunications Capability Statement (PDF 194.6 KB)

Project management

Yurika service delivery projects are managed using proven project management methodologies delivering on time, on budget projects to enable service delivery for customers.

Project Management Capability Statement (PDF 231.9 KB)

Real time monitoring

Monitoring technology gives customers access to a real-time, self-service view of network data performance, usage and many other key metrics, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Monitoring - Real Time 24/7 Capability Statement (PDF 260.1 KB)