Yurika Executive General Manager Carly Irving said working with the NQRDC was another step towards connecting North Queensland and Townsville to Australia and the world’s digital economy.

“The Queensland Government is backing this game changing economic and digital infrastructure that will provide high-quality, secure data storage and interconnection for businesses, community groups and consumers in North Queensland,” Carly said.

“The Centre is also key to supporting both Townsville City Council’s future data centre project, builds on Yurika’s Queensland telecommunications network and further demonstrates our commitment to North Queensland.”

The high-speed fibre optic cable connection was completed by Yurika in late August and enhances the capabilities of internet service providers and businesses in the Townsville region.

“Yurika is excited to be a part of improving digital capacity and capability in Townsville and North Queensland,” Carly said.

“Our businesses have been delivering utility services to regional and North Queensland for more than 10 years and we’re committed to further developing networks in the region.”

The NQRDC is operated and maintained by Brisbane-based data centre, cloud and connectivity specialists, iseek.

“Having partners like Yurika, with its expertise in building key telecommunications links, is essential for the optimum operation of facilities such as the NQRDC,” iseek Managing Director Jason Gomersall said.

“Yurika is the ideal partner for Townsville. While we have built a data centre, it’s essential that we have the best connectivity available for our customers – and Yurika has provided that.”