Yurika has a proven track record of integrating effective renewable energy solutions into remote communities, so we’re delighted to work with Ausgrid on their first microgrid project. 

Located at the Ausgrid Depot in Merriwa, the microgrid will ensure off-network power supply to key business and community services in Merriwa during extreme weather outages.

It is expected to keep 28 properties – deemed essential by the local community – operating during what would normally be an outage.

The primary benefits of microgrids lie in the resilience and reliability they offer, because they can operate independently from the main power grid. During power outages, a microgrid can continue to supply power.

Learn more about our work with Ausgrid:

Energy Magazine: Ausgrid commences work on Merriwa Microgrid

Ausgrid: Ausgrid begins work on innovative Merriwa Microgrid

Want to explore the potential of a microgrid? 

At Yurika, we’re a part of the microgrid revolution.  Our longstanding history in electrical infrastructure means we’re well-placed to tackle even the biggest challenges of integration with existing infrastructure.

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