This partnership will start with the delivery of solar panels, batteries and 24/7 monitoring technology with the ability to add additional renewable options such as electric vehicle charging stations, at the Logan Hyperdome, Toowoomba Grand Central and Robina Shopping Town in Queensland, Domain Central in Townsville, QLD, as well as at the Melbourne Water Gardens shopping centre in Victoria.

Yurika Executive General Manager Carly Irving said the commercial and industrial real estate market sector was actively investing in ‘behind the meter’ generation technology, energy management and building automation to transform assets towards a more sustainable footprint.

“The five sites are the first phase of a long-term partnership with Queensland Investment Corporation, with the potential to support QIC with emerging opportunities in Energy such as the evolution of their embedded networks, EV charging services, Virtual Power Plants and the addition of technology such as batteries in the future,” she said.

“Yurika has established itself in the industry through a number of major projects including the installation of vehicle charging stations for the Queensland Electric Super Highway and its Virtual Power Plant portfolio,” Carly said.

“The Smart Connected Solar product offers business customers with an opportunity to invest in the latest renewable ‘smart’ technology which brings greater financial savings and improved carbon emissions.”