General Manager Emerging Opportunities and Acceleration Beth Keddie said the Tesla Powerpack would help to create more capacity on the network for residential solar while ensuring resilience during periods of peak demand through Townsville’s summers.

“Yurika’s Community Scale Battery  will seek to improve the quality of electricity for residents, push back the need for investment on the network by reducing peak demand and making better use of existing infrastructure, “ Ms Keddie said.

“The battery will be constructed at Bohle Plains and will be operational for Summer 2019/2020.”

Ms Keddie said the 4MW / 8MWh Community Battery would add to the capacity of Yurika’s Virtual Power Plant to build on the 135MW capacity already supporting Queensland’s Ergon Energy and Energex networks.

“Yurika’s Community battery will complement the VPP in reducing the volatility in wholesale electricity markets by responding to high energy price events.”

“We’ve already been asked to use the VPP 65 times in the past 12 months when there have been peak demand events in Queensland,” she said.

“Increasing the VPP’s capacity with the inclusion of the Community Scale Battery at Bohle Plains will enable us to better support a more resilient and reliable network by taking pressure off substations and other power assets.”