This project presented more than one challenge. It was hard to get consistent information from the hotels. They had different meter types and the meters were all in different locations, including car parks, basements and common areas. Also, the information had to be tailored to meet the needs of individual site managers and management teams. Finally, this was a significant project that could potentially disrupt the daily operations of the hotels if not carefully managed.


The Yurika team rose to the challenge, installing a combined data logging technology with utility-grade water and gas meter at each site. Our Yurika team monitors data daily from each metering point and distributes it via our online service portal, InfoDynamics. This web-based information portal allows all users from across the hotel chain to login securely and access the data and information that’s relevant to them.


This project gave the client information at their fingertips. They know exactly how much water and gas is being consumed at each hotel and now they can:

  • Meet their compliance reporting requirements
  • Improve their water and gas efficiency.

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