Yurika, a subsidiary of Energy Queensland and market leader in multi-utility sub-metering solutions, is collaborating with industry giants to bring innovative new products to the market. A new trial of utility-grade metering products with GemLife residential development at Maroochydore aims to offer better, cheaper, and more comprehensive metering data. The trial plans to address the pain points experienced by greenfield developers and provide learnings relevant to residential, commercial, and industrial customers across a broad range of industry.

Andy Bisset, who joined Yurika with extensive experience in the water industry, is leading the trial.

“We’ve heard what our customers are telling us they need, and Yurika is working to respond by trialling new products we hope to roll out more broadly later in 2023,” said Andy.

“The collaboration between GemLife and Yurika is providing learnings about how we can work better together, which products are going to give the best results, and how we can better present metering data from electricity, water, and gas in a ‘single pane of glass’ view for our customers.”

Yurika’s multi-utility sub-metering solutions provide accurate and comprehensive data on energy and utility consumption across sites. Meters are strategically installed at key points in utility/energy supply lines to measure usage data for the entire site – whether a gated residential community, multi-storey residential building, an office building with multiple tenants, or a commercial/industrial development.

“Accurate, reliable data is the key to everything,” said Andy.

“When you’re well informed, you can make sure your billing is accurate, minimise leakage, improve your water and energy efficiency, set benchmarks and meet your environmental, social and governance targets.”

Data from Yurika’s multi-utility meters can be used to validate utility accounts and ensure correct charging by electricity retailers or water and gas utilities.

Yurika’s growing national footprint and teams working across all areas of energy, connectivity, and sustainability deliver projects of any size or scope. As a wholly government-owned electricity company in Australia, Yurika is committed to listening to its customers and providing them with innovative solutions to manage their water, electricity, and gas.

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