Completing 12 months’ work in 14 weeks is always a challenge.

On top of this, the infrastructure required to support connection of 80MW to TransGrid’s 66kV network in a regional NSW location.


Yurika’s multidisciplinary project management team took control of all aspects of delivery, from concept designs and specifications through to commissioning and compliance.

A strong performance-outcome culture meant Yurika managed project risks whilst undertaking key activities without compromising safety, quality or cost. This included various teams being onsite seven-days a week delivering multiple work streams at once.


This project was a testament to Yurika’s ability to assemble a team with a combination of expertise and experience and an unwavering commitment to deliver.

  • Successfully met all client delivery targets within the 14-week timeframe
  • Delivered to budget and met all mandated standards and regulatory requirements
  • No safety incidents during the entire duration of the project.

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