• MV – Medium Voltage
    (11kV, 22kV, 33kV)
  • HV – High Voltage
    (66kV, 110kV, 132kV)
  • EHV – Extra High Voltage
    (275kV and above)

We demonstrate extensive experience and expertise in design, manufacturing, installation testing and commissioning across a variety of operations, including:  primary plant, civil and structural, secondary systems, protection and control, communication and metering. We offer state-of-the-art, in-house testing and commissioning capability, with a proven track record in meeting AEMO and NSP requirements.

High voltage electricity tower at sunset.substation industrial background.
Modular manufacturing
Testing & commissioning
Specialised high voltage test services
Power quality infrastructure


Our factory-built solutions are an appealing alternative to brick-and-mortar construction. They have a variety of benefits including:

  • Minimisation of waste
  • Enable concurrent production
  • Remain unaffected by weather
  • Allow for offsite factory acceptance testing

Our products are precision engineered, constructed, and fitted out in our specialised production facility, delivered safely to site in a modular format.

We offer:

  • Modular control and switch rooms manufactured in house
  • Optimised high voltage substations (greenfield/brownfield)
  • Fit-for-purpose, designed to suit client requirements and budgets

Modular manufacturing

Over the years, we’ve supplied a range of factory-built solutions that have been tested under the harshest conditions, for a range of major national infrastructure customers.

Our products are precision-engineered to the strictest utility grade standards, constructed, and fitted out in our specialised production facility, and finally, delivered to site in a modular format where they are safely installed.

These factory-built solutions are becoming an increasingly appealing alternative to brick-and-mortar construction and deliver benefits to critical infrastructure projects through factory-built precision and quality control, lower cost, and rapid build times, that complement and can occur concurrently to on-site construction.

Our modular substations, control rooms, switch rooms, capacitor banks and skid base substations enable you to fast-track your projects in both brownfield and greenfield environments.

Proven benefits of these options include:

  • Factory-built precision
  • Plug-and-play solutions
  • Proven designs offering a 35-year life span
  • Major project management savings
  • Rapid on-site works for fast installations
  • Improved community support through reduced impact
  • Simplified logistics, smaller footprint, less civil works
  • Aesthetic appeal with greater community acceptance
Modular manufacturing options
From low to high voltage, single unit to multiple bus switchboards — we can provide switch rooms to meet a variety of project specification requirements. Shipped as a fully fitted and tested product, our switch rooms can be rapidly integrated on site. Switch gear
Designed to house and protect sensitive equipment from harsh on-site conditions, our control rooms and communication centres provide a cost-effective and highly flexible solution, meeting the environmental, transport, and site requirements across a variety of applications. Control building floor
We manufacture structural assemblies in-house, providing customised fabrication solutions for high voltage primary plant and other services. Structural fabrication
Our in-house panel wiring capability allows us to build panels and switchboards to your specifications, in a climate-controlled environment. Protection and control panels
Full factory acceptance testing can be completed pre-transport by our test and commissioning team. In-factory testing

Testing & commissioning

Commissioning and testing of high voltage equipment is critical to the long-term performance and reliability of assets. We provide a wide range of testing and commissioning services from factory acceptance right through to commissioning and energisation.

These services include but are not limited to:

  • Meter Accuracy Testing our skilled and experienced metering test team can provide independent accuracy report on your meter, regardless of size and type
  • CT/VT Accuracy Testing test the performance of current and voltage transformers to ensure accurate secondary current and voltage values are completed as part of commissioning and as part of ongoing accuracy maintenance tests. We also have comprehensive primary and secondary testing onsite to ensure installations meet design and regulatory requirements.
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) full factory acceptance testing can be completed pre-transport by our test and commissioning team.
  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) fully integrated field testing/commissioning team ensuring all construction and integration of assets is connected and operational in-line with regulatory, DNSP/TNSP requirements.
  • R1 Testing we support registration of new and or modified generation assets in line with the National Electricity Rules (NER) through development of generator plant system models (PSSE/PSCAD) and by conducting Generator Performance Standard reviews and Studies in accordance with the requirements of the NER. Our experienced team are also able to support and carry out R1 testing and commissioning activities to support the registration process.
  • R2 Testing as part of R2 deliverables, we prepare pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures verifying their fulfilment with grid code local NSP, AEMO and contracts contractual requirements.

Types of testing are identified, as required, to achieve commissioning scope and oversee testing and commissioning processes throughout each stage of the project lifecycle Hold Point testing. We can prepare or review commissioning reports from all site-based commissioning activities, as required. Hold Point reports are prepared and reviewed by our very own renewables engineers. Operation and maintenance manuals or operational philosophies can be provided for completeness to support ongoing operational activities.

Our team of highly qualified personnel are familiar with programming and extracting data from PQM’s (Elspec, ION meters) used for data analysis and creation of Hold Point test reporting by the renewables team. We are capable and familiar with a range of SCADA systems (GPMSCADA etc) required during the Hold Point testing process.

We are familiar with the use of Secondary Injection Test Equipment (Doble F6150, Omicron CMC256/356) and have demonstrated capability in developing protection test plans to successfully test protection relays providing settings and logic relative to the protection scheme.

Specialised high voltage test services

We deliver specialised high voltage test services and diagnostics for clients. Our specialist staff at the high current and voltage laboratories are available to comprehensively test and maintain equipment, delivering accurate and reliable diagnostics along with experience in electrical engineering, interpretation, and analysis.

Yurika delivers specialised high voltage test services and diagnostics from state-of-the-art facilities on Brisbane’s northside, along with mobile on-site services for clients. The specialist staff at the high current and voltage laboratories are available to comprehensively test and maintain equipment, delivering accurate and reliable diagnostics along with experience in electrical engineering, interpretation, and analysis. The field services team installs, overhauls, and maintains transformers and associated substation equipment. We provide high voltage test and overhaul services for:

  • Transformers
  • Bushings
  • Insulators
  • Elevated work platforms
  • Metal enclosed switch gear
  • Cables and transmission line and substation hardware
High voltage components
Yurika rigorously tests to Australian and international electricity standards and recommendations covering:

  • Partial discharge
  • Dielectric loss angle
  • Radio interference voltage
  • Visual corona
  • Wet / dry power frequency withstand and flashover
  • Dry lightning impulse critical flashover and withstand
  • Wet and dry switching impulse critical flashover and withstand
  • Compliance to class for instrument transformers

Our experienced team can develop and customise testing programs tailored for research and new product development and offers detailed testing and analysis into high voltage apparatus failure.

Oakey solar
Our specialised high voltage testing capabilities cover indoor and outdoor applications, including lightning impulse voltage tests up to 1000kV, switching surge tests up to 1000kV, and power frequency tests up to 1000kV.

When it comes to high voltage testing, experience, specialisation, and safety are paramount. Our expert team routinely conducts:

  • Lightning and switching impulse tests on power apparatus
  • Impulse tests on transformers
  • Partial discharge tests on internal insulation
  • Visual corona tests on transmission and substation hardware
  • Load cycling and qualification tests on high voltage power cables
  • Contamination testing of external insulation
  • Design and type tests on polymeric, porcelain and glass insulators
  • Generator and motor stator tests
  • Periodic safety testing of HV safety equipment
  • Compliance to class of instrument transformers

Power quality infrastructure

This includes a range of specialised capabilities:

  • Synchronous Condensers
  • Harmonic Filters
  • Cap Banks
  • Statcoms
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