From powerlines to substations, electric vehicle chargers to solar farms and wind farms; every electrical network or asset needs regular maintenance to function safely and to its full potential.

Regular planned maintenance not only ensures best performance, but improves longevity, prevents unplanned failures, improves return on investment, saves time and money, and often means better energy generation and transmission availability.

Yurika’s Manager Assets and Operations, Sam Bush says his maintenance teams are experienced and skilled at maintaining all kinds of electrical networks including high voltage as well as renewable energy and energy storage solutions.

“Our servicing programs are delivered by an Australia-wide network of engineers, electrical workers, and technicians.

“We offer routine scheduled maintenance and can help you plan the right schedules for your specific assets, as well as corrective maintenance and reactive repairs.

“We’ve seen that asset owners who do that well, ultimately see better performance with a net saving in time and costs,” said Sam.

Working across a broad range of industries, the team is experienced in the power utilities and generation industry, resources and mining, telecommunications, commercial and industrial renewable energy generation and storage, and the transport industry including electric vehicle charging and rail.

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