We have a diverse set of reliable, national resources and are well equipped to handle preventative and corrective maintenance activities with a defined, bottom-up approach.

Our on-site services are delivered in partnership with an expansive network of engineers, electrical workers and technicians. We ensure optimal plant performance designed to safeguard and optimise generation and or high voltage connection assets.

These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Power utilities and generators
  • Resources/mining industry
  • Telecommunications
  • Commercial and industrial renewable energy generation and storage
  • Transport – electric vehicle charging and rail

We offer operations and maintenance of high voltage networks as well as energy storage and renewable solutions. Preventative maintenance activities are routinely conducted by our expert team.

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High voltage networks
High voltage networks
— High voltage network services
— Fault identification and resolutions
Energy storage and renewables
Energy storage and renewables
— Preventative maintenance
— Corrective maintenance
— Extraordinary maintenance

Building a world of opportunity with solar power solutions

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Substation delivered in 14 weeks

Typically, a solar farm substation project takes 12 months from design through to commissioning – this project had only 14 weeks.
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