Far North Queensland is no stranger to cyclones and extreme weather, and Yurika is helping prepare the region for disaster response with a local, safe, and secure data storage solution.

Data centre colocation is an option for businesses of all sizes to host their primary or back up data. Typically, high availability data centres are in major capital cities, but Yurika offer a local solution based in Townsville through their partnership with iseek and the North Queensland Regional Data Centre.

Yurika National Telecommunications Manager, Tony Riley says this is proving valuable for local government and business customers who want a back-up in the event of a natural disaster.

“During a cyclone or extreme weather event it’s possible for the fibre optic network between North Queensland and Brisbane to be damaged and for local businesses here to lose access to their data.

“Having local redundancy in our data centre makes good business sense and gives our customers peace of mind in an emergency,” he said.

The North Queensland Regional Data Centre is a partnership between iseek (who operate and maintain the data centre), Townsville City Council, and James Cook University. Yurika installed diverse fibre optic cables into the facility from our expanding regional network to provide customers with a resilient fibre solution. The high-speed fibre optic cable connection enhances the capabilities of internet service providers and businesses in the North Queensland region.

Companies who aren’t set up to manage and monitor IT equipment can opt to partner with a reliable brand, like Yurika, who provide this valuable service at affordable rates. Talk to us about how we can develop a solution that suits your business.

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