The demand for renewable energy is growing at a record pace, with Australian Federal and State governments committed to achieving strong targets to reduce emissions and create jobs through innovative solutions in the renewables sector. With the establishment of complex renewable energy projects such as solar and wind farms, the need for reliable and efficient telecommunications is more important than ever.

Connecting telecommunications to solar or wind farms is an important aspect of modern renewable energy operations. It’s one of the crucial foundation steps in establishing a renewable energy site. Imagine heading to work and not having internet access? Fast, reliable, and secure internet access supports both the day-to-day operations of the project and efficient monitoring and control of these assets – optimising performance, reliability and safety.

Yurika’s telecommunications team is at the forefront of supporting 29 active solar and wind farm projects in Queensland and our team is experienced in the unique requirements of renewable projects.

Renewable energy projects are frequently located in remote areas with low or no mobile reception. Our optic fibre and microwave radio services are the most common access types in these remote areas, providing dedicated access to Yurika’s internet Points of Presence (PoPs) that interconnect to Tier 1 national internet backbone networks.

Another approach is to use wireless communication technologies, such as cellular networks or satellite communications. This can be useful in remote areas where laying fibre optic cables may be difficult or expensive.

If you’re planning a solar or wind farm in Australia or looking to optimise an existing project, talk to us about how Yurika can provide the customised telecommunications support needed to ensure your success.

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