Solar photovoltaics (PV) are the fastest growing bankable technology used to generate electricity.

Solar PV is increasingly being recognised as a popular, reliable and effective method of generating renewable electricity. Not only does solar PV promise more cost-effective methods of lowering power bills and optimising revenue, it also allows us a fantastic opportunity to offset energy used by more carbon intensive sources.

We understand the relationship solar PV presents to electrical infrastructure as well as its connection to distribution and/or transmission networks. We plan, design and deliver:

  • inverters;
  • substations;
  • transformers; and
  • metering solutions.

Once solar assets are operational, we offer ongoing operations and maintenance services that include energy management platforms, to ensure customers are provided transparent control and insights into the performance of their solar assets. 

We focus on providing high quality energy generation systems that use locally supported, market-leading technologies, to ensure that any commitment to long term performance is continually maintained with confidence. 

Our asset management services include:

Preventative maintenance
Preventative maintenance
Every power plant we manage is operated according to a site-specific maintenance plan. This plan outlines the maintenance activities that will be performed at the location and is aligned to industry best practice, adapted to suit unique client requirements.
Corrective maintenance
Corrective maintenance
When it comes to corrective maintenance, it is planned with careful consideration to the plant design, its components, as well as locality in mind. Our aim is to provide a high level of skill and responsiveness providing assurances on plant reconditioning, restoration, rectification, and up time of performance.
Extraordinary maintenance
Extraordinary maintenance
Our fleet of technicians are skilled and prepared for unexpected or extraordinary works. When major unpredictable events occur, you need a business that can respond, technically diagnose, and dispatch a workforce to meet any challenge, in restoring plant condition and activity. We have demonstrated experience in work ranging from force majeure events, EPC defects, serial or fleetwide defects, endemic failures or modification required by regulatory changes.

Case Studies

Doomadgee’s Landmark Solar Farm

Yurika is proud to be playing its part in delivering affordable, reliable power and economic wins in key remote communities.
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Case Studies

Yurika is making great progress at Middlemount Solar Farm

We’re making great progress and well ahead of schedule, with the connection of the Middlemount Solar Farm to the nearby substation, for Biosar Australia and SUSI Partners.
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Case Studies

Susan River Solar Farm

We’re proud to have supported Biosar Australia and Elliott Green Power in the successful completion of the Susan River Solar Farm which was launched last week.
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Solar for business vs solar farms?

Utility solar plant

Also known as large-scale solar farms, utility solar plants are typically ground-mounted in large greenfield sites and are much larger in size than a typical solar system for business.

These large electrical plants are designed to operate for around 20 years and are developed for the express purpose of generating electricity. This electricity is fed into the grid, where an off-taker acquires this energy as part of a longer-term agreement.

Solar systems for business

Also known as commercial solar, or commercial and industrial (C&I) solar, solar systems for business refers to large-solar systems installed for businesses, corporates, schools, and/or governments.

These systems connect a solar generating asset to a revenue grade meter as a means of offsetting energy load or demand.

Your future looks so much brighter with solar
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