Our extensive experience in the design, modelling, engineering and delivery of key electrical infrastructure is at the core of what we do.

We are ambitious and capable of taking on any job related to energy infrastructure – big or small, and are proud of the diverse scope of projects we have already successfully delivered to date.

We are resourced and committed to providing full end-to-end value chain services which begin with pre-contract work (including planning, modelling, and design); right through to construction, supervision and commissioning services. Beyond this, our ongoing asset management services ensure optimised results.

Our enviable track record and performance is a testament to our commitment to work closely with our clients and partners.

Reducing costs and working within defined and challenging project timelines we’re committed to always putting safety and quality first while delivering a variety of contemporary renewable solutions.

Feasibility and financial analysis

We keep energy simple by, offering extensive feasibility study services.

These services present comprehensive analytical modelling for current energy bills and meter data, overlaying it with a view of what supporting infrastructure may be required at your site.

We produce a financial summary that provides you a cohesive and detailed report informing you of the options available to you to reduce your energy costs.

This service includes

Installation and modification to your solar PV plant
Exploration of power factor correction (PFC)
Installation or increase for battery energy storage systems (BESS)
Energy bill management review
Diesel fuel savings
Metering and embedded networks
System monitoring — operations & maintenance
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