Australia has a 100% net zero carbon emission target by 2050, and strives to achieve a 50% net zero carbon emission target by 2030.

Now more than ever, businesses are doing more to support these net zero carbon ambitions, giving back to Australian communities to create greener, cleaner futures.

Not only do these targets bring significant positive environmental responsibility, they also enable a future of lower electricity prices, driving longer term predictable and dependable energy savings.

With this shift comes economic transformation for several energy and land-use emissions sources, these include:

  • Power: electricity and heat generation
  • Industry and processes: production of steel, cement, chemicals and extraction and refining of gas, oil and coal
  • Mobility and transportation
  • Buildings including heating and cooking
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Waste disposal: treatment and incineration

Across a range of bundled and hybrid renewable solutions, we’re supporting these carbon neutral targets through our range of services.

Battery project powering forward

Yurika’s community-scale battery is almost here! We’ve started installing Tesla Power Packs on-site at Bohle Plains in Townsville and will be connected to the network by the end of summer.
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Queensland’s Electric Super Highway stage two complete

Yurika, part of Energy Queensland, has completed construction of stage two of the Queensland Electric Super Highway (QESH) – the world’s longest electric vehicle highway in a single state.
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Susan River Solar Farm

We’re proud to have supported Biosar Australia and Elliott Green Power in the successful completion of the Susan River Solar Farm which was launched last week.
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The world’s longest Electric Super Highway

The world’s longest Electric Super Highway already stretches form Cairns to Coolangatta to Toowoomba with 17 EV charging stations.
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Yurika is making great progress at Middlemount Solar Farm

We’re making great progress and well ahead of schedule, with the connection of the Middlemount Solar Farm to the nearby substation, for Biosar Australia and SUSI Partners.
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Yurika makes smart connection with the Cowboys

We’ve teamed up with the Cowboys Leagues Club for Queensland’s first Smart Connected Solar solution.
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Yurika to deliver Stage Three of Queensland’s Electric Super Highway

Yurika, part of Energy Queensland, has the green light to build Stage Three of Queensland’s Electric Super Highway to almost double its length.
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Yurika to deliver community scale battery in Townsville

Yurika, as part of Energy Queensland, is taking the first steps in delivering the electricity network of the future in North Queensland with the installation of the state’s first community scale battery in Townsville by December 2019.
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Electrification of transport

We’ve built the world’s longest electric superhighway.

Uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) in the transport sector is ever evolving and growing rapidly — we couldn’t be prouder to play such a big part. We specialise in a range of charging infrastructure and products.

Since 2017, we’ve built, managed and operated our own network of EV chargers — the Queensland Electric Superhighway (QESH), which was a pioneering, first of its kind, project in Australia.


EV tritium charger

Our expertise in grid-connections means reliable, future-fit charging infrastructure planning.

Our experience means we’re able to keep pace with this rapidly expanding renewable transport and logistics industry. Through our vast network of publicly available chargers we have demonstrated our ability to plan, build and operate EV charging infrastructure in a way that is holistically sustainable and scalable.

Hydrogen-powered transport

We’re actively exploring all types of new and innovative charging.

As part of this venture, we’re currently supporting a number of hydrogen project business cases and making strong contributions through our energy and storage expertise at both grid and distributed scales. We have been performing market scans for over 18 months on commercially available hydrogen products.

Solar photovoltaics (PVs)

Solar PVs are the fastest growing bankable technology used to generate electricity.

Solar PVs are increasingly being recognised as a popular, reliable and effective method of generating renewable electricity. Not only do solar PVs promise more cost-effective methods of lowering power bills and optimising revenue, they also allow us a unique opportunity to offset energy used by more carbon intensive sources.

We understand the relationship solar PV presents to electrical infrastructure as well as its connection to distribution and/or transmission networks. We are able to plan, design and deliver:

  • inverters
  • substations
  • transformers
  • metering solutions.

Once solar assets are operational, we offer ongoing operations and maintenance services that include energy management platforms, to ensure customers are provided transparent control and insights into the performance of their solar assets.

We focus on providing high quality energy generation systems that use locally supported, market-leading technologies, to ensure that any commitment to long term performance is continually maintained with confidence.

Wind farms

Substation, transformer or overhead powerlines – we know how to connect your wind farm.

From planning and development right through to design, construction, testing and commissioning, we can provide Balance of Plant (BoP) services for wind farm projects across Australia.

Our depth of understanding of the BoP, in particular the Electrical Balance of Plant (EBoP) performance and interface requirements, ensures our strength as a wind farm delivery partner.

We can manage and maintain the ongoing operational requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and production of your renewable solution.

Enhanced digital solutions

We can optimise asset performance to deliver more efficient energy usage with our metering and IoT solutions.

From asset management systems through to customised energy management systems, we support organisations in optimising their asset performance to deliver more efficient energy usage. Our metering and Internet of Things solutions offer next-level capability and connectivity, connecting multiple data sources into centralised repositories for more meaningful insights and analytics.