Across the categories of Electrical, Temperature, Humidity, Time & Frequency our Brisbane based Laboratory is one of the best equipped in Queensland giving you access to precision calibration for your routine instruments through to your industrial temperature probes all the way up to supporting your highest end precision reference standards.

Complementing our Standards Calibration capability our laboratory is appointed under the National Measurement Regulation as a Legal Verifying Authority able to issue regulation 13 certificates for electrical and temperature reference standards.

Our scope includes:

Temperature and humidity
Temperature and humidity
— Hygrometers
— Radiation Pyrometers
— Digital Temperature Measuring Systems
— Furnaces and Ovens
— Dry Block Calibrators
— Humidity Chambers
Time and frequency
Time and frequency
— Oscilloscopes
— Time and frequency meters

— Instrument Calibrators
— Insulation Resistance Meters
— Ohm Meters
— Current Clamps
— Ammeters
— Voltmeteras
— LCR Meters
— Power Factor/Phase Angle Meters
— VAR Meters/Watt Meters
— Data Recorders
— Precision Capacitors
— Voltage Standards
— AC/DC Bridges
— Voltage Dividers
— Inductors
— Current Transformers
— Current Shunts
— Partial Discharge
— Digital Multimeters

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