Multi-utility sub metering

Our multi-utility sub-metering solutions gather accurate energy and utility information to assist you in understanding consumption across your site(s).

We can install metering at strategic points in your utility supply line to measure electricity, gas and water usage such as:

  • main incoming water and gas meters to obtain usage data for the entire site
  • installation of electrical sub meters to measure usage for specific components, areas or outcomes.

Our sub-metering applications include:

Electricity usage Water (utilising loggers) Gas (utilising loggers)
Air conditioning Chillers Tenancy
Mechanical services Cooling towers Hot water
Chillers Bleed Cooking
Heating Urinal Heating
Ventilation fans Tenancy Furnaces
Car park lighting Hot water  
Lifts Sprinklers  
Pumps Toilets  
Tenancy power Grey water  
Community power   

In most instances, our multi utility sub metering solutions utilise the same data retrieval and data warehousing services as our National Electricity Market (NEM) compliant installations ensuring accuracy of metering data. Visit our NEM services for more information.

Tenancy Sub Metering

We provide pattern-approved meters and data logging solutions for our tenancy metering customers, helping them to effectively collect utility revenue on a per-user basis. Our tenancy metering provides interval data to enable regular billing of tenants.

Tenancy metering is typically used to read utility meters in areas supplied and billed under one main incoming meter, also known as base building metering

Tenancy Metering is typically used in the following instances:

  • high-rise residential towers
  • commercial complexes
  • shopping centres
  • schools, TAFE and university sites
  • managed communities, such as aged care and retirement villages
  • government owned facilities.

Tenancy Sub Metering

Solar Generation Sub Metering

We provide pattern-approved meters and data logging solutions to measure electricity generation from solar panels.

The benefit of installing a meter on your generation assets is the ability to understand all electricity generated from the system rather than only what is being imported back into the network.

Many of our customers use solar production sub metering in order to claim Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs), small-scale technology certificates (STCs) and to on-bill energy consumers as part of a  Power Purchase Agreement.Solar Generation Sub Metering

Battery Storage Sub Metering

Battery storage sub metering measures battery usage (discharge and recharge) and can allocate battery usage and on-bill storage users.

Battery Storage Sub Metering

Efficiency reporting and building ratings (such as NABERS)

Data from our multi utility sub meters can be used to support a range of environmental and compliance requirements such as:

  • government reporting for efficiency purposes
  • determining a building rating, such as Australian Government Building Rating
  • statistical analysis to improve plant efficiency opportunities
  • greenhouse gas emissions.

Efficiency reporting and building ratings (such as NABERS)

Bill validation

Data from our multi utility sub meters can be used to validate utility accounts and ensure correct charging by electricity retailers or water and gas utilities.

Bill validation

Contact us for further information and to understand how we can help you establish Multi Utility Sub Metering at your premises.