Output pulsing & SMARTHUB modbus outputs

We can enable your electricity meter to provide output services, such as pulse outputs and MODBUS capability using our exclusive SMARTHUB technology.

Pulsing outputs can be sourced directly from the metering infrastructure to provide consumption data directly to building management systems. Meters can also be activated to provide register information in a MODBUS format, suitable for direct connection to building management systems.

In regards to an electricity meter, a pulse output refers to an amount of energy passing through the meter. Each pulse represents a number of watt-hour/s (Wh) which can be used to calculate kWh consumption. Output pulsing capability feeds raw pulses directly to your third party devices, allowing you to obtain your usage data in ‘real time’.

Output pulsing can also be installed as part as part of both NEM and multi utility sub-metering solutions.

Current transformer (CT) and voltage transformer (VT) testing

Electricity and utility markets are changing – accurate and reliable consumption data is increasingly critical to AEMO. We are available to work with our customers to develop and deploy programs in the following areas:

  • High voltage CT and VT testing
  • Proven capability from 11kV to 132kV
  • Test reports supplied by accredited staff
  • Testing capability to either the AS or IEC Standards
  • Mobile testing crew

High voltage design review and compliance services

The deregulation of connection services to the transmission and distribution networks was a part of industry reforms in 2017. This ensured that design, compliance and risk aspects of network connections remained metered in accordance with the National Electricity Rules (NER), Local Jurisdictional Rules (LJR) and the SAA wiring rules. Any other standards and rules that are applicable are the responsibility and task of the unregulated Metering Coordinators. This cost was previously absorbed into network charges that were regulated by the Australian Energy Regulator.

We pride ourselves on making things easy for our customers and offer HV connection design consulting review services to help guide our customers through this process. These services include:

  • CT & VT accuracy specification
  • Design review
  • Pre & post commissioning
  • VT & CT Test Services (if required)
  • Design & supply of pre-wired metering panel/enclosure (if required)
  • Compliance sign-off: NER, LJR, SAA wiring rules
High Voltage Testing Services