Sicharge CC AC22 benefits at a glance

Energy Supplies Siemens SICHARGE CC AC22 series

The world of transportation continues to evolve, which is why Yurika, partnering with Siemens, is committed to innovating and reinventing the charge toward contemporary transport, and offers a range of products to power this transition.

For superior electric vehicle charging infrastructure for public and semi-public areas, the SICHARGE CC AC22 is capable of simultaneous fast charging of two electric vehicles and can be installed as a stand-alone option or embedded in a modular environment.

Smart metering

Energy measurement and billing compliant

Certified with both ERK and MID metering, Sicharge is focussed on high metering standards, with 50Hz supply frequency.

Smart grid

Yurika can connect your new VersiCharger to your renewable energy source.

Variants for IEC market are available as Single or Three phase models with a maximum of 7.4 or respective 22 kW of maximum power.

Grid connections

A rear attachment provides extra space to include additional components such as overload protection, RCCB, and mounting plate for the energy meter e.g. enabling a direct power grid connection according to VDE-AR-N 4100. Alternatively, the grid connection box can also be delivered pre-mounted and pre-wired but otherwise empty for subsequent installation of components.

Surge protection

This high performance, prewired spark-gap-based type 1 and type 2 combined lighting current and surge arrester according to EN / IEC 61643-11 offers spark-gap technology  and a floating remote signalling contact for incident communication via backend  connection.

Last-gasp function

In the event of a power failure, this internal add-on module, permits the release of the Type 2 plug interlocking system and therefore the removal of the customers Type 2 charging cable.

Safe connectors

Through a combination of plug interlocking and interlocking lids, access can be limited to authorised users, enabling a safe charging process and connecting without load, providing a high IP54 degree of protection and additional vandalism protection.

Twin Terminal

For reduced installation efforts, this internal electric module allows to the connection of a  second charger via a direct powerline originating from a first charger. Both chargers can be operated with its maximum of 44kW.

Alternatively, can be ordered with two 4m fixed spiral cables with attached Type 2 plugs.

Siemens has built a strong partnership with Yurika to develop local capability into the growing EV infrastructure market

Siemens Sicharge AC CC2 Product Codes

002483675  Socket, 22kW, 4G
002483683  Socket, 22kW, LAN

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