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The world of transportation continues to evolve, which is why Yurika, partnering with Siemens, is committed to innovating and reinventing the charge toward contemporary transport, and offers a range of products to power this transition.

SICHARGE UC product family offers various power classes to suit any of your e-mobility scenarios. Our future-oriented charging infrastructure can handle a diverse mix of EVs, seamlessly integrated in any existing environment, optimising your electricity bill, and ensuring your EV fleet are reliably charged and ready to go.

There’s a range of flexible installs to choose from:

For the air-cooled version up to 150kW, we offer roof- and wall-mounted Dispenser variants along with the floor-mounted option. The newest variant of the air-cooled cable dispenser provides even more flexibility and efficiency and is space-saving thanks to the higher current, smaller footprint, 10“ touchscreen, and optimised cost. Liquid-cooled cables as an option can be installed in the same dispenser housing, increasing charging power up to 400 A. Sicharge dispensers
For opportunity charging, we offer the inverted Pantograph solution with the Mast Panto based on the OPP Charge (opportunity charging) solution. The solution is provided for the entire SICHARGE UC family. Siemens Pantograph
For electric vehicles with an on-board Pantograph, the contact Hood is the right connection. We offer two solutions: a contact hood mounted on a mast or right under the ceiling via the Dispenser. Siemens Mast Hood

Flexible charging equipment

A variety of EV interface options offers broad power range from 100 kW to 800 kW.

The default a charging cable from the charging centre. For investment or space optimisation, several dispensers with plug-in connections can be powered in sequence by a single charging centre.

Solutions exist for automated connection through a mast mounted Pantograph or fix contact rails installed in the mast or roof mounted hood.

Or, a combination of options of dispensers, masts, hoods and Pantograph gives you ultimate flexibility.

Smart grid

Yurika can connect your new charging centre to your renewable energy source.

The charging centre

The charging centre is the core of the system and contains Siemens SIMATIC S7 controller, transformers for galvanic isolation, AC/DC converters and EMC filters.

A charging centre is required at the site of installation to power your charging equipment.


SICHARGE UC 150 is the newest addition to the family, delivering 150kW future-proof, reliable, and optimised charging solution. It has many advantages, including higher current output, smaller footprint, low noise, better serviceability, and much more.

Siemens has built a strong partnership with Yurika to develop local capability into the growing EV infrastructure market

Siemens Sicharge UC 200 Product Codes

002484657  Non-Integrated Charging Station
002484665  Wall Mount 200A Dispenser, Single Gun HMI & LED

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