Our highly experienced and proficient field services team are ready to help.

We routinely conduct a variety of high voltage network services including:

  • Substation maintenance
  • Communication maintenance
  • Line works and line maintenance
  • Inspection of overhead distribution system
  • Thermography of high voltage connections
  • Substation earth resistance tests
  • Protection system inspection and maintenance
  • Approval of the maintenance schedule

Drawing on extensive experience and expertise in the energy industry, we develop customised services in collaboration with you to ensure you get the best solution, backed by our support, service and resources. Our maintenance services include:

  • Initial site audit and electrical drawing validation
  • Identification of corrective works
    Development of an approved routine maintenance plan
  • Force (emergency) corrective works
  • Corrective works
  • High voltage switching
  • 24/7/365 access to operations control centre hotline and callout services

Fault identification and resolution process

We operate a dedicated in-house Service Operations Centre focused on alert management and responsiveness. It delivers first line monitoring, supported by second line analysis maximising the ability to investigate alarms whilst resources are being dispatched. All activities support our plant managers in delivering better assessment and accurate reporting to stakeholders.

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