Installation of pole top sensors delivers real triple-bottom line value – economic and societal, environmental and financial

Data collected from several of Yurika’s pole-top sensor trials is already providing meaningful insights into how assets perform in different geographic locations. This is allowing closer review of operational practices to identify ways to improve safety (both for employees and communities), reduce costs, and provide more cost effective and reliable energy sources for customers.

Watch our Townsville PUK device case study video.

Benefits for asset owners

Digital twin capability
Create a virtual version of the physical network for scenario planning.
Performance-based asset management
Derived from individual power pole data (including roll, pitch and twist).
Action-based asset monitoring
Devices transmit data such as sudden pole movement or dangerous winds in real-time notifications to alert field crews.
Infrastructure reporting
In a critical fault or field event, device data can be used as for investigations, or compliance reporting to regulators.
Reduced operational costs
For real-time asset management as well as predictive maintenance capability.
Opportunity to commercialise
Asset and environmental data via an online marketplace.

Benefits for local communities

If data is shared between asset owners, communities and business, the outcomes could benefit everyone.

Improved safety

Sensor data can be used to provide information to emergency services in the lead up to; during; or even after critical events i.e. bushfire threat changes, or traffic accidents involving a pole collision.

Clearance to ground, clearance to structure monitoring

Sensors offer sophisticated correlation capability that can measure movement between poles and conductor clearance level.

Micro-climate environmental data

More accurate data such as temperature, humidity, irradiance, air pressure for local business.

About the pole top sensor — LiXia PUK

"Data was aggregated through a LoRa network, sent via a low orbit satellite, and ingested in our IoT platform within the hour."

Visualisation and Automation

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