Choose a combination of renewable generation or storage solutions to make your perfect match.

Hybrid energy systems are defined as the integration of several types of energy generation infrastructure such as electrical energy generators, battery energy storage systems (BESS), and renewables, bundled to utilise either grid-connected or isolation from the grid.

This bundling of infrastructure is on an upward trend, driven by the diverse energy requirements to supply, fund, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure.

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Grid connected and stand-alone power system
— Off-grid systems
— Hybrid systems
Microgrids and embedded networks
— Microgrids
— Embedded networks

Building a world of opportunity with solar power solutions

Delivered the high voltage infrastructure for a 96,000 panel solar farm during a pandemic.
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Future proofing Cowboys Leagues Club

Yurika’s innovative design and cutting-edge smart solar technology helped the Cowboys Leagues Club tackle its energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.
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