Yurika has access to an in-house manufacturing capability able to produce high-quality, modular infrastructure solutions including switch rooms, control rooms, data centres, substations and control and protection panels.

Our factory-built solutions are precision engineered, constructed and fitted out in our specialised production facility unaffected by weather, offering an appealing alternative to on-site, brick-and-mortar construction.

Once complete and tested, our solutions are safely transported to site in a modular format and installed.

Switch Rooms

Carefully engineered, our designs allow for significant weight and low deflection tolerances of less than 1mm/m, required to house high voltage switchgear with high current rating rigid busbar.

Control Rooms

Incorporating control and protection panels, these buildings can be fully tested and commissioned in the factory, for true plug-and-play capability on-site for ease of integration.

Data Centres

Incorporating air-conditioning and security to maintain equipment safety and reliability, we can engineer a building to house data storage to protect your greatest assets.

Modular Solutions

Our flexibility in design allows us to build modular solutions incorporating all customer requirements safely and effectively. We can also complete testing and commissioning in the factory to minimise site integration risks and cost.

Control and protection panels

We manufacture control and protection panels that integrate seamlessly. We are able to integrate equipment from all major manufacturers, enabling us to customise a solution to specific client requirements, and install fully-tested solutions to ensure site acceptance.